Nature Studies

These paintings feature stones, flowers, leaves, and other garden treasures. I often pair living plants with weathered stone in my artwork. The contrast of soft/hard, new/ancient, and luminous/dull elements is fascinating. Please click on images below for more information. If you wish to acquire a painting that is on display at a gallery, please contact the gallery. Contact Karen for all artwork that is on display in her studio.

"Hi Karen…. the painting arrived safely... I had not told Norma that I was purchasing an original “Karen Richardson” watercolour, so I had to wait for her to be out of the house to open the package and hang it in the living room without her knowing. We both love it and I am so pleased that I acted quickly to acquire this beautiful “Gem”.  You are an amazingly talented watercolour artist.  Thank You." ~ Frank Lomoro

"Karen, your artistic abilities are truly a lucky you are!  I hope you recognize how much pleasure you bring to those of us who view and possess your treasures." ~Nancy van Rooy