Karen Richardson

Hi there. I’m Karen Richardson, and the art you see here in my virtual studio stems from my authentic life experiences. Born and raised near Algonquin Park, in northern Ontario, I was surrounded by the rugged terrain of the Canadian Shield. Since then, my adventures have taken me through beautiful wilderness scenery, filled with pristine lakes, vivid skies, massive trees, and sturdy rock. Having experienced these gorgeous landscapes in person, my passion is to capture them in my paintings so people can reconnect with nature's awe-inspiring beauty, within their own homes.

I want people to feel utterly captivated by my paintings of wondrously untamed places that capture our hearts and ignite our imagination. Whatever the source of my inspiration, I strive to share in my paintings the quiet moments of heartfelt awe and wonder that I feel in Nature. I use true-to-life colours, crisp detail, and dramatic lighting effects, to give the sense of ‘being there'.

If my paintings make you pause, take a slow breath, and smile, I know I have accomplished my artistic mission: to make the world a happier place… one painting at a time.

If you wish to learn more about me, I invite you to check out my Artist’s Statement or view more about My Story.


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