What do students say about Karen's classes?

Watercolour class in Karen Richardson's Lindsay studio

    "Just read your book cover to cover again. The poor thing is almost completely highlighted, dog-eared and has notes all over it. The more I learn, the more I am grateful that I had you as a teacher in the beginning. You taught me so many things and gave me such a sound foundation! Even little things like rinsing your brush before changing colours, so your palette colours aren’t contaminated. I can’t tell you how many good artists have palettes that are dirty and muddy.  They pick up a colour, use it on their painting and say, ohhhh...that’s not what I wanted...must have stuck (name a colour) in there. To this day, I love mixing colours, which many people don’t. I hear your voice saying to dull, darken or neutralize a colour, add its complement. I clearly hear you when I have a brown...you remind me to treat it as orange and so I add blue. The more I learn, the more I see in your book.  It really is a treasure trove of solid foundational information. I see many classes offered in various places that your classes far surpassed.  I still love stones and leaves because of you, and that are in paintings everywhere! Thank you, Karen.  I was really lucky when I found you! ❤️" ~Diane Schurman

    "Love love love this class! Great teacher so patient and thorough. Relaxing atmosphere to learn and great for beginners in water colour. Don’t be nervous, if you're interested in water colour this is one of the best introduction classes I know of. With Karen’s one on one instruction in a small group you leave with a beautiful painting in hand and off to a wonderful start in water colour painting. Highly recommended !!!" ~Rhonda Laursen

Watercolour workshop with Karen Richardson


"Thank you for the “Grad” Photo!! I also had a wonderful experience at your workshop today. I will be telling my friends and recommending they take a workshop too. Karen, you have a natural gift for teaching. You give very clear instructions, demonstrate so everyone can easily understand the technique being described and are an encourager!!! Thank you so much!!! I can’t wait to take my second class with you next fall!!!" ~Linda Skerratt

"I learn so much when I take workshops with you. You have such a fantastic knowledge base. You explain the why as well as the how! Painting in your studio, surrounded by your incredible paintings, is such an inspiration. And you are a joy as a teacher! Thanks a million for an incredible time!" ~Diane Schurman

Students in Karen Richardson's Pebbles 123 workshop

    "We had such a wonderful time. I learned SO much about handling watercolour and how to achieve different textures. The "ah ha" moment for me was learning how to mix all those subtle colours from just three primaries. Karen is an awesome teacher who is able to convey so much of her knowledge and experience to her students." ~Jan Zeldenrust

    "Thank you so much for the whole experience. It was such an inspiring and educational two days. I know that is due to your organization, presentation and overall thoughtfulness of your students. I did not really believe I could leave that workshop with a piece of art that resembled what Jan had shown me after she attended the 'Pebbles' workshop. What an amazing feeling that was... Thank you again for sharing your expertise and delighting in the pleasure that your 'gift' brings others." ~Roz Gomez

Karen Richardson demonstrating watercolour techniques

    "Thank you so much for the most wonderful day. I learned more in your class than I have in so many other watercolour classes. It was absolutely delightful and so doable. I know I want to pursue more. I have taken water colour courses with Michael Dumas, Brian Atyeo, gone to Greece for watercolour, but I thought this technique eluded me. I just didn’t get watercolour, wow I do now and can't wait to try to paint some of the images I have taken in my travels. Thank you, thank you, thank you." ~Grace King

    "Thank you for sharing your knowledge, skills and experience today. Your openness and non-judgmental manner helped me a great deal. I know I will keep trying." ~Cheryl Hassan

Students in Karen Richardson's studio

    "Karen, thanks for sharing your studio space and vast knowledge with us all yesterday.  What an amazing time as always.  To me, it's like one feels after a spa day. Truly love being surrounded by your beautiful art and guided by your amazing experiences. Everyone who is interested in water colour needs to take your class, no doubt about that! You’re an amazing teacher and your studio is such a peaceful place to do some incredible art with like people. " ~Rhonda Laursen

   "Thank you Karen. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and really like PEBBLES!! Yeah! The way you explained colour mixing made so much more sense than the other classes I have taken. Thank you so much for our class yesterday." ~Maggie Himann

 Pebbles 1-2-3 class   

    "I enjoyed the class of painting pebbles and learned so much from Karen. The theory part was so useful and can be applied in any painting technique. thank you for sharing your knowledge, kindness and patience. I found this subject to be very relaxing and peaceful. Hoping to take more classes in the future." ~Margo McLean

   "Thank you so much for a great painting session. Everyone did a fabulous job because of your excellent guidance. I still can’t believe how well my rocks turned out.  Of course it is all a result of your wonderful instruction. I look forward to your next class offerings." ~Wendy Minto


    "I want to thank you so much for welcoming us into your home, and for such an informative class.  You are very special because you make everyone feel comfortable, no matter their skill level. I look forward to taking another class in the near future." ~Marjorie Bennett

  "I had a great time at Karen's "Fun with Masks" workshop.  In addition to being an amazing artist, Karen is a wonderful teacher....she openly shares all of her techniques, be they based upon modern technology or those of the "Old Masters".  Although I had never painted before, I was able to create a frame-worthy watercolour that I am very proud of.  Thanks Karen!"  ~ Joanne Dutka 


    "Not every painter actually has the ability to teach what they know. You have it, and it's wonderful that you share it." ~Jane Flessel

    "The Architectural Drawing and Painting course was wonderful! We learned so much in such a short time; valuable lessons in perspective drawing and a bounty of watercolour painting techniques. Karen has a natural talent for instructing; she's well-organized and she has that rare ability to convey ideas and to demonstrate skills and techniques that others can easily follow."  ~ Jane Rowe



    "Thank you so much for a wonderful experience yesterday. You are a talented, knowledgeable, and very patient teacher and I appreciate all you shared with us." ~Catherine  Millington

   "I enjoyed Karen's class tremendously. I had never done watercolour painting, although I always admired paintings done in watercolour. Learning about the architectural drawing was fascinating. I now view paintings and real life potential paintings differently. Karen made this course exciting and fun while teaching so much in such a short time."  ~ Bev O'Leary


    "I was so happy to get back to painting, and I couldn’t have had a better teacher and class environment! I can’t wait for more classes!" ~Angela Quibell

    "I hadn't picked up a brush for years, so I was a little worried about signing up.  Karen couldn't have made the experience more enjoyable. I had briefly touched on perspective, but Karen presented it in a clear and precise way, and I realize how important it is if I want to produce an accurate and believable painting. I have learned how to break down a painting into stages of graded wash, transferring objects drawn in perspective onto paper, apply mask, create light and shadows. Mixing colours and values was a bit of a mystery to me, but Karen's 'easy to understand' instruction has removed the mystery and the fear of putting brush to paper. I come away thinking 'maybe even I can paint'. It has been a pleasure sharing Karen's wonderful talent."  ~ Patricia Pyke


    "Thank you for the lovely day we spent with you. Watercolour is challenging, but oh so rewarding! Your expertise made the whole process so very enjoyable. Now I'm looking for a suitable spot to display my " masterpiece ". I'll be looking forward to your emails about upcoming classes." ~Marilyn Winkworth

    "Karen's work is terrifically realistic and she gave me lots of useful technical tips on achieving realism in my own work as well as a good feel for the medium of watercolour. I really enjoyed her classes and look forward to taking more."  ~ Robin Hobbs