What do students say about Karen's classes?

 Pebbles 1-2-3 class   

     "I enjoyed the class of Painting pebbles and learned so much from Karen. The theory part was so useful and can be applied in any painting technique. thank you for sharing your knowledge, kindness and patience. I found this subject to be very relaxing and peaceful. Hoping to take more classes in the future." ~Margo McLean


    "I had a great time at Karen's "Fun with Masks" workshop.  In addition to being an amazing artist, Karen is a wonderful teacher....she openly shares all of her techniques, be they based upon modern technology or those of the "Old Masters".  Although I had never painted before, I was able to create a frame-worthy watercolour that I am very proud of.  Thanks Karen!"  ~ Joanne Dutka 
    "The Architectural Drawing and Painting course was wonderful! We learned so much in such a short time; valuable lessons in perspective drawing and a bounty of watercolour painting techniques. Karen has a natural talent for instructing; she's well-organized and she has that rare ability to convey ideas and to demonstrate skills and techniques that others can easily follow."  ~ Jane Rowe
    "I enjoyed Karen's class tremendously. I had never done watercolour painting, although I always admired paintings done in watercolour. Learning about the architectural drawing was fascinating. I now view paintings and real life potential paintings differently. Karen made this course exciting and fun while teaching so much in such a short time."  ~ Bev O'Leary
    "I hadn't picked up a brush for years, so I was a little worried about signing up.  Karen couldn't have made the experience more enjoyable. I had briefly touched on perspective, but Karen presented it in a clear and precise way, and I realize how important it is if I want to produce an accurate and believable painting. I have learned how to break down a painting into stages of graded wash, transferring objects drawn in perspective onto paper, apply mask, create light and shadows. Mixing colours and values was a bit of a mystery to me, but Karen's 'easy to understand' instruction has removed the mystery and the fear of putting brush to paper. I come away thinking 'maybe even I can paint'. It has been a pleasure sharing Karen's wonderful talent."  ~ Patricia Pyke
    "Karen's work is terrifically realistic and she gave me lots of useful technical tips on achieving realism in my own work as well as a good feel for the medium of watercolour. I really enjoyed her classes and look forward to taking more."  ~ Robin Hobbs