Come to Rest, watercolour on panel, 9 x 12" (SOLD)

"This painting is inspired by the beach at Neys Provincial Park on the north shore of Lake Superior. I love the layers of meaning in this title. The driftwood log has Come to Rest on this beach, and also the viewer is invited to sit down and rest on the log, to take in the view, listen to the waves, contemplate life... The title also refers to the tranquil and restorative qualities of the entire Lake Superior region, where many people Come to Rest for their holidays. Since this lake has been the site of many shipwrecks over the years (the most famous being the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald), the title also pays homage to the lost souls who have Come to Rest on this peaceful shore."

Come to Rest is an original watercolour painting, mounted on an archival panel with a UV-resistant and moisture-resistant coating, which protects the painting and allows it to be displayed without glass. The archival panel is mounted in a black wood float frame. The image is 9"h x 12"w and is painted on 100% rag watercolour paper. Framed size 10"h x 13"w.

Come to Rest is valued at $400. and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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