Yesterday's Dreams, watercolour on panel, 14 x 11" NEW

"While exploring the back roads of the Bonavista peninsula in Newfoundland last summer, we came across this gas pump on its concrete pad, smack in the middle of a field of grass. The price on the pump was 75 cents a gallon, and it probably made its last sale in the 1970’s, before the metric system was adopted in Canada.

On the shore beyond, a row of houses and fishing sheds have succumbed to wind and rain. There’s a story here about the folk who lived and worked in this beautiful place, and a fine painting subject. The gas pump was pure pleasure to recreate and the background came together quickly. The grass took the longest to paint, as I knew it would.

I love the atmospheric feeling of this scene. It’s a day for reminiscing about the glory days, when this was a thriving little settlement with a glorious view of the sea."

Yesterday's Dreams is an original watercolour painting, mounted on an archival panel with a UV-resistant and moisture-resistant coating, which protects the painting and allows it to be displayed without glass. The archival panel is mounted in a black wood float frame. The image is 14"h x 11"w and is painted on 100% rag watercolour paper. Framed size 15"h x 12"w.

Yesterday's Dreams is valued at $690. and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Currently this painting is on display at Outdoor Art Gallery at the Miskwaa, between Buckhorn and Bobcaygeon, Ontario.

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