Choosing a Class

Do you deserve a relaxing break from your fast-paced life? Are you a 'closet artist' - intending to paint some day, but not sure where to start? Are you afraid you have no talent? Have you been pursuing art for a while and get frustrated when paintings don't work out?

If any of these scenarios strikes a chord with you, Karen can help you find your answers. She will share with you her painting experience and valuable insight, distilled from thirty years of painting and selling her watercolours. Karen will help you build your paintings in an easy to follow, step-by-step manner, using simple principles of design and colour theory.

Classes last one to three days and feature enhanced coaching in watercolour techniques for beginner, novice, or intermediate level students age 16 or older.

How do you know which skill level course to choose?

The definitions below may not exactly describe your individual situation, but they are intended as a general guide to help you choose a class that will be informative and enjoyable for you.

Beginner: You haven't done any art since high school or college, or have had less than 100 hours of art instruction in the last 5 years. You may have some art supplies but they are mostly student quality.

Novice: You have had 100 to 200 hours of professional art instruction in the last 10 years and have done many paintings on your own. You know how to mix secondary, complementary and dark colours from the primaries, how to make a smooth graded wash, flat wash, hard edges, soft edges, negative painting. You may have a mixture of student and artist grade equipment.

Intermediate: You have had over 200 hours of art instruction in the last 10 years and have done hundreds of paintings on your own. You have started to develop your own painting style and regularly employ colour theory, composition and contrast in your own work. You insist on having your own professional quality brushes, paper and paints.

What subject matter does Karen teach?

If you like her paintings and want to know how they are created, you will enjoy and appreciate Karen's classes. She teaches only the subject matter she loves - wilderness or rural landscapes in all seasons and natural still life such as flowers, leaves and rocks.

When does Karen teach classes?

Karen offers classes every fall. Subscribe to Karen's Studio News if you wish to receive timely email notices about future watercolour classes. If you have questions, contact Karen.