Over the years, Karen has created almost one hundred custom paintings for clients. Artwork can make a wonderful gift for special milestones - retirement, anniversary, graduation, engagement or birthday, or to appreciate a valued client. A custom painting can become a treasured addition to your own art collection.

Whether large or small, a work of art can communicate in a personal way what no other object can. It is a permanent presence in your life and can be passed on to future generations.

If you would like to acquire a painting similar to one of Karen’s previous pieces, or in a different size or season or colour palette, please contact Karen to discuss your ideas.

Instead of the historical commission process, requiring a deposit, detailed instructions from the client, and periodic progress updates, Karen finds a new, less formal approach to be more pleasing for all parties involved.

As the commissioner, you only need to indicate which of her past image or images appeal to you, what size of painting you would like, and when you wish it to be completed. Optionally, you may discuss a different season or colour scheme for the subject.

Karen will create a fresh, new painting with similar subject matter in her usual style. When the painting is completed, you will have ‘First Right of Refusal’, which means you may acquire the painting if you wish. If not, the painting becomes available for gallery display and public acquisition.

This informal approach is less stressful for both artist and client, and results in better quality artwork filled with life and creativity.

With the aid of modern technology, you can meet Karen and exchange ideas and images via email, even if you live on another continent. Distance is no barrier.

Contact Karen today to discuss your commission ideas.

Where Ice Meets Rock, watercolour by Karen Richardson



    "I have just received my second commissioned piece from Karen and again the process was delightful. From just a few pictures Karen was able to pick the angle and size of work that would best highlight the subject. Karen has a wonderful ability to bring memories to life. Thank You Karen."  ~Meghan Le Dez

    "Your artistic abilities are truly a lucky you are!  I hope you recognize how much pleasure you bring to those of us who view and possess your treasures..."  ~Nancy van Rooy

    “Thank you so much for the beautiful watercolour painting of the waterfront at our cottage. It showed our favourite sitting area. You captured the view of the lake with our dock, small boat and raft perfectly. It brings lovely memories of ‘Shady Lane’”.  ~Bill & Mary Abbott

     "I own many Karen Richardson paintings and I live in north western Ontario. So, when I look at one of her paintings, I feel like I am looking out of one of my windows, however, when I look out one of my windows, I feel like I am looking at one of Karen Richardson’s paintings! She is that good!!"  ~Darlene Peters