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23 June, 2011 1 comments Leave a comment

Finally we are at a campground with good Wi-fi signal so I can work on my blog again. I think I'm over two weeks behind but then again I am on vacation. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow...

I got some excellent camera photos in Yellowstone National Park, but the landscape is so vast and the waterfalls are so thunderous that a video with sound it the only way to really let others know what it was like to be there to witness the spectacles.

So I persevered and figured out how to upload my videos onto YouTube and then link them to my blog. Hurray!

So please enjoy these short movies of Yellowstone:

Video of Old Faithful

Video of Lower Falls, Yellowstone River, from Uncle Tom's Trail

Video of Brink of Lower Falls, Yellowstone River

Video of Tower Falls - Yellowstone Park

Video of Tower Creek - Yellowstone Park

Video of river canyon in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA

Video of river canyon in Yellowstone Park, Wyoming, USA
Note the distinctive columns of volcanic basalt at the top of the canyon.

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  1. Alastair Richardson July 12, 2011

    Lower Falls was impressive! I haven’t tried adding video to the blog yet, since stills seem to takle so darn long to upload.