The Colours of Fundy

18 June, 2012 2 comments Leave a comment

Since it is spring here, we are seeing lots of lupins and poppies. I already had gorgeous lupin photos from my home garden and from our trip to Newfoundland, so I didn't photograph them here until I saw this field where there must have been a thousand lupins or more! The field was about 3 times as wide as the photo shows. Truly memorable.

Lupins Growing Wild, Soley Cove, Bay of Fundy

I took tons of photos of red poppies (and am including them in my next painting) so here is one to share with you. This shot was at a local cheese farm.

Red Poppies at a Cheese Farm, Economy, NS

I took this colourful sunset photo in our campground one evening. That is our truck and trailer in the foreground.

Sunset at Five Islands Campground, Bay of Fundy[/caption]

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  1. Alastair Richardson June 20, 2012

    Lovely stuff, Karen. Much appreciated in the middle of the Australian winter!

  2. Karen June 20, 2012

    Wow it’s great to hear from you Alastair. I think you are my most distant follower! John says hello. Cheers!