Lake Superior Painting Goes to Pakistan

05 January, 2022 2 comments Leave a comment

After a year spent focusing on my starlight series, making paintings featuring moonlight, northern lights, and sunsets, I felt the urge to paint rocks again.

So, last month I created 'Stories in Stone' (shown here) from a reference photo I took last summer while we camped at Rainbow Falls Provincial Park on the shore of Lake Superior. This is a gorgeous park near Rossport, ON, with a pebble beach and huge boulders and bedrock along the shore.

As I created the painting, I posted one photo daily of it on Facebook so fans of my artwork could follow the progress.

About 20 minutes after the final photo was posted, on the morning of Christmas Eve, I got a message from an old friend and good client of mine who lives in Pakistan, that she wanted to acquire the painting.

Stories in Stone painting in situ, photo by Janette Hussain

She was in Ontario visiting with family for Christmas and asked if I could have the painting ready for her to pick up within 7 days.

I said 'Sure!' and fast-tracked the finishing process, doing the mounting on Christmas Day, the varnishing 3 days later, and framing 2 days after that. My friend picked up her painting as planned and it flew back to Pakistan with her last weekend. The first thing she did when she got home was hang the painting and send me a photo of it in situ (shown here).

This is the fourth major work my friend has selected from me and I couldn't be happier to see this special piece go to such an appreciative and gracious home.

Whenever possible, I keep track of where my paintings go, and the tally so far is twenty countries. Other interesting locales where my paintings bring joy to homes and workplaces include Hawaii, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, India, Italy, Denmark, and Barbados.

Recently I made a short time-lapse video of the creation process of 'Stories in Stone'. If you are a student of watercolour, or just interested in how my paintings come together, I know you will find the story interesting and informative.

Click here to see the video and story.

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  1. Christi Howitt March 13, 2022

    How do you do watercolour on panel? I thought watercolour had to be on paper.

  2. JerryAnn Clifford January 13, 2022

    What a discovery your Facebook postings have led me to! The picture from your friend now back in Pakistan is part of that lovely srltory of her request granted. Nice to see a little piece of Ontario’s classic northern rocky shoreline in her home.