Northern Lakes in Springtime

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Northern Lake near Sudbury Ontario. Photo by Karen Richardson 

If you have been following my posts and new paintings this year, you will have heard of my new Northern Lakes series, which focuses on rock-filled shorelines studded with sculpted pine trees, and calm blue water.

Pictured above is Daoust Lake, which is beside a private campground south of Sudbury, Ontario. Places like this restore my energy and connect me with my roots. I grew up in a rural village near Algonquin Park in northeastern Ontario and my high school campus overlooked the Ottawa River. The scenery of the Canadian shield has become the epicenter of my artistic inspiration for the past year.

Lake Superior at Gros Cap. Photo by Karen Richardson

With this theme in mind, it should come as no surprise that my first major RV camping trip this spring was a 4,000-km journey across the north shore of Lake Superior (shown above, at Gros Cap) to Lake of the Woods and back. This post includes some of my best scenery shots from our trip.

Chippewa Falls. Photo by Karen Richardson

As we made our way along the Trans-Canada highway, I took the photo above of Chippewa Falls. Spring runoff had water roaring through here to Batchawana Bay on Lake Superior. Water levels were higher than normal in most places we visited, due to wet spring weather this year.

Lake of the Woods. Photo by Karen Richardson

My husband and I often visit Lake of the Woods because his sister lives there. Shown above is one of the beautiful views from her home. Although this scene is in northwestern Ontario near the Manitoba border, the landscape reminds me of the Kawarthas (in central Ontario where we live now) and the upper Ottawa Valley (where I grew up).

Nipigon viewing tower. Photo by Karen Richardson

On our return journey, we stopped to explore the town of Nipigon, which has a new campground at the marina and a new 5-stories-tall viewing platform near the Trans-Canada highway. The photo above shows my husband John taking in the panoramic views from the top of the platform. Shown below is the view of Nipigon Bay near the mouth of the Nipigon River, which is Lake Superior's largest tributary.

Nipigon Bay on Lake Superior. Photo by Karen Richardson

The view in the opposite direction shows the beautiful new bridge over the Nipigon River (below). This is the one place in Canada where there is only one highway connecting eastern and western Canada.

Nipigon River bridge. Photo by Karen Richardson

Once again, we stopped at Marathon so I could take more photographs at Pebble Beach. This is a magical place that can look very different from day to day, depending on the weather. The water is perfectly clear, even on windy days, and the rocks are smooth and colourful. The photo below shows some grapefruit-sized underwater stones on a calm weather day.

Pebble Beach at Maration on Lake Superior. Photo by Karen Richardson

Our two-week spring trip was over all too soon. Some day I will visit Lake Superior in the fall, when the landscape is adorned in autumn splendour (and no black flies!).

Do you have favourite spots to recommend on Lake Superior? If you have suggestions or comments to share, please do so using the 'Leave a Comment' button at the top of this post. 

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  1. Catherine Miranda June 27, 2019

    These pics are stunning and give a lot of inspiration for exploring our own beautiful country. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  2. Debra Hooper June 27, 2019

    We lived in New Liskeard, now Temiskaming Shores, had a camp in Chapleau, lived in the Kawarthas, now in Renfrew County. We camped often around Superior. There is no place like the North. We are both attracted to rocky shores and soaring pines. I get it!

  3. Janet Love June 27, 2019

    Thank you Karen for sharing your trip. A visit to the North shore of Lake Superior has always been on my bucket list. I feel the Canadian Shield pulling me there. I hope to see it in person some day.