Spring Class Graduating Students

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This spring, I had the pleasure of leading a total of 20 students on a painting journey, in my newly-renovated watercolour studio/gallery in Lindsay. We all worked hard and made some great art.

Shown below are the ladies of my three-day Autumn Bay class, starting to work on their paintings.

Autumn Bay class

The next photo is their graduation, with my demonstration painting shown at the bottom. Several of the students opted to paint larger formats and finish them after class.

Autumn Bay class graduation

 One of the Autumn Bay students sent me this comment after class:

"Thank you so much for a great painting session and the photos.  I am grateful that you included the steps of building up your painting as well.  It will be a great reference as I continue my homework. I really enjoyed the graduation photo. It is good to look at everyone’s work objectively when we have had some time to distance ourselves. Everyone did a fabulous job because of your excellent guidance. Thank you once again." ~Wendy M.

This photo below is from my two-day Canadian Road Trip class.

Canadian Road Trip class

You can see my demonstration painting in the bottom of this photo of the graduating students.

Canadian Road Trip class graduation

And here are some photos from my Pebbles 1-2-3 one-day classes.

 Pebbles 123 class

Although my Pebbles classes are usually for absolute beginners, I did teach one group at the advanced level. They started larger compositions in class so they could work on them at home. Here is how far they got in the one day class.

Pebbles class graduation

One student sent me this comment after class:

"Thank you Karen. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and really like PEBBLES!! Yeah! The way you explained colour mixing made so much more sense than the other classes I have taken. Thank you so much for our class yesterday." ~Maggie H.

Pebbles 123 class graduation

Another student sent this message:

"I want to thank you so much for welcoming us into your home, and for such an informative class.  You are very special because you make everyone feel comfortable, no matter their skill level. I look forward to taking another class." ~Marjorie B.

Pebbles 123 class graduation 

Two of the students who did additional work on their paintings at home after class sent these photos of their lovely work.

Painting by Ann Louise S.     Painting by Jane F.

Thank you to all my students, who made a watercolour journey with me this spring. Together, we learned a lot!

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  1. Sharon Lewis May 10, 2016

    I am familiar with your work and would appreciate taking your Pebbles class and info on other available classes. I am in Omemee from May 8 to Thanksgiving. Hopefully this fits with your schedule. Can’t wait to hear from you. Sharon

  2. Margo McLean May 04, 2016

    I enjoyed the class of Painting pebbles and learned so much from Karen. The theory part was so useful and can be applied in any painting technique. thank you for sharing your knowledge, kindness and patience. I found this subject to be very relaxing and peaceful. Hoping to take more classes in the future.

  3. Angela Quibell May 03, 2016

    I was so happy to get back to painting, and I couldn’t have had a better teacher and class environment! I can’t wait for more classes!

  4. Dianne Toniolo May 03, 2016

    Wow, Karen you are an excellent teacher! Your student have done beautiful works of art. Wish I lived close to you, I would definitely sign up for classes.

  5. Mary Ellen May 03, 2016

    Lovely pictures and reminders of what a terrific teacher and fountain of information you are! Thanks so much.