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27 May, 2016 0 comments Leave a comment

Tulips in Karen Richardson's Garden

In addition to painting, Gardening is a creative pursuit that I enjoy, although perhaps a better term would be 'Gardenscaping'.

Summer weeding can become a chore (although mulching helps reduce weed growth), but I love to build new garden beds - planning the shape; making my own triple mix from top soil, peat moss, and sand; and placing boulders in strategic spots as stepping stones.

Then comes plant selection - perennials and spring bulbs are my favourites - then planting, fertilizing, watering, and mulching. To me, it is such a satisfying process and result.

Tulips in Karen Richardson's Garden

I've been working hard this past week getting my gardens tidied up for spring. They all needed edging with a spade, some weeding was necessary, and I had to add a deeper layer of mulch to several beds.

Tulips in Karen Richardson's Garden

I planted tulips last fall in the garden outside my kitchen window, and I get such pleasure out of seeing them bloom for the first time.

Tulips in Karen Richardson's Garden

We have two crab apple trees in our front yard, both in bloom at the moment. The white one is ornamental, with inedible fruit that stays on the tree all fall and winter. The pink one has sweet fruit that drops every fall.

Tomorrow I'm off to the annual plant sale at our local horticultural club. I still have blank spots to fill!

I hope you enjoyed this little garden tour. Happy spring everyone.

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