My Superior Inspiration

28 December, 2018 3 comments Leave a comment

Lake Superior, photo by Karen Richardson

The north shore of Lake Superior has become my favourite painting subject. In the last two years, I have been fortunate to visit this scenic region of Ontario six different times, in all four seasons, on photography excursions. The resulting photos, hundreds of them, continue to provide a wealth of painting inspiration.

Here are the Lake-Superior-themed watercolours I have created so far. With two-thirds of the collection already sold, I know that I am not the only person captivated by the beauty and majesty of this region. Click on the images to see more details (including step-by-step creation videos in some cases):

Holding On, watercolour by Karen Richardson

Holding On, 18 x 24" (sold)


Superior Gems, watercolour by Karen Richardson

Superior Gems, 12 x 12" (sold)


Superior Strength, watercolour by Karen Richardson

Superior Strength, 12 x 24" (sold)


Listen to the Lake, watercolour by Karen Richardson

Listen to the Lake, 16 x 12" (sold)


Come to Rest, watercolour by Karen Richardson

Come to Rest, 9 x 12" $400.


Where Giants Meet, watercolour by Karen Richardson

Where Giants Meet, 12 x 16" (sold)


A Foot in Cold Water, watercolour by Karen Richardson

A Foot in Cold Water, 18 x 24" $1750.


Superior Monarch, watercolour by Karen Richardson

Superior Monarch, 12 x 12" (sold)


Crystal Clear, watercolour by Karen Richardson

Crystal Clear, 12 x 16" $770.


Time to Head South, watercolour by Karen Richardson

Time to Head South, 16 x 20" (sold)


Clarity, watercolour by Karen Richardson

Clarity, 28 x 11" (sold)


Superior Road Trip, watercolour by Karen Richardson

Superior Road Trip, 11 x 14" $620.


Moongazer, watercolour by Karen Richardson

Moongazer, 16 x 12" (sold)


Autumn on Lake Superior, watercolour by Karen Richardson

Autumn on Lake Superior, 12 x 10" (sold)

I made this 2-minute video showing highlights of our visits to Lake Superior in 2018. I grew up on the Canadian Shield, so the topography reminds me of my childhood. If you have not seen the north shore in person, these images will give you an idea of why I find the scenery of Lake Superior profoundly inspiring:

I have so many beautiful photos put aside in my 'must paint' file, that I hardly know where to start. I look forward to sharing more of my Lake Superior paintings with you as I create them. I can see 2019 will be another 'superior' year for me. I hope it is a good one for you too!

Do you have favourite spots on Lake Superior? If you have suggestions or comments you wish to share, please do so using the 'Leave a Comment' button at the top of this post. 

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  1. Karen December 29, 2018

    Thank you for your kind comments, Janet and Ann Louise.
    I have come to realize that my affinity with details comes from my innate personality and character traits. I love Nature’s details and I paint them sincerely from my heart. If you feel people are being critical of your love for detail, that is their perspective, not yours. Their opinion is irrelevant to your artistic journey. Cheers.

  2. Janet Love December 29, 2018

    Happy New Year Karen. Thank you for sending this email. I was having a down day until I opened your email.

  3. Ann Louise Smith December 29, 2018

    Karen, you are an amazing artist, and I hope someday I can be as good. You certainly inspire me to continue to paint realistic paintings. I’ve been teased for years about my realistic paintings with comments like “if you want it that perfect just hang up a photo” . I have got more used to those comments and feel that maybe those people could never do it. I doubt you ever get them because you are so accomplished, my question here is, what comment would you say to these people? I sure wish I had more time to come to your classes but I do enjoy giving beginners their first experience at trying watercolours and I always tell them to check out your website and take one of your classes